Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Book Started

Hi Everyone
Manette and I have decided to work on a book together. It will be a 2-sided  book. I just finished the first half. Here are some photos....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emotion Ticket Author: Daniel Balanescu The aim of the project is to display a collective portrait of today’s society, taking as sample people who travel by metro(subway). In the metro,one may come across people of extreme social condition, people who make the first steps in life or are very old and carry lifetime memories with them;highly educated and non-educated people. The idea of this project came to my mind in 1995. The idea was to attract travelers into a game whose basic element was the metro ticket(used) on which they are invited to leave their print by drawing or writing something: a thought, an impression or perhaps a shopping list or a business card. Art may take away the stress or boredom of waiting for the next train. The idea is to display all tickets into a collage that maybe exhibited in different metro stations in different parts of the world.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sabina's Book...Finished!

Put the finishing touches on Sabina's book today and it will be heading back to Romania for safe keeping. Awesome Sabina...thank you!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Exchange Film

Hi Everyone....Daniela made this beautiful film of our latest exhibition of the "West meets East" book exchange. The first show was in America and then traveled with me to Bucharest, Romania a whole year ago! The exhibition was held at the National University of Art. I left the books with her and they have since been exhibited in the la Galeria del Arte N. Tonitsa in Iasi, Romania then returned to Bucharest and exhibited at The House of the People (Seat of Parliament) in the Constantin Brancusi gallery. Coming this February, the show will continue on to Foscani, Romania. She mentions all of us in the film, saying that we are continuing our exchange, but with additional artists from the USA, Netherlands, Romania, and India.

Red Letter Day

It's a very important and exciting day for me today.  I went to the post office office to pick up some mail and what did I find but a package from Romania. In this package sat 2 gorgeous catalogues from the original Cultural Book Exchange....the "West meets East" exhibition is still on the move, and this is the fruit of our labors...THANK YOU DANIELA!